About Us

I have been a member of the society of genealogists for 17 years (member number 031469) and have been researching not only my own lineage but have been helping others with their own family history, from starting out to any brick walls they may come across from time to time, we also create or help with creating your own web page for publishing on the web for details about this please contact Stuart on studi27@gmail.com and for help with any graphics to do with your personal web page please contact Luke on luke.anthony@636c.com

This site is focused on helping everyone to get past any brick walls they may have and to give them a connection to the royal houses of Europe.

If indeed you have a connection to any one person on this database then you also have a connection through either the blood line or marriage to all the royal houses of Europe and also some American presidents.

This is an ongoing project and we are currently adding about 6,000 names to the database every month, so if you don't have any connection at the moment to anyone on the database it is important to check back with us from time to time.

We do conduct private research for our members, for more details about this please e-mail us at familyhistoryconnect@yahoo.com